About the Program


To honor and embody the multidisciplinary approach that Gary B Melton foresaw and undertook during his professional career.


The visiting professorships will be awarded on an annual basis – it will include a 4 day (3 night) set of presentations, workshops and meetings encompassing policy, behavioral health and community in the child abuse and neglect prevention realm.

  • There will be an annual paper presentation and talk/discussion that will then be published as the first paper, in the first issue of the new calendar year cycle for the Kempe-Haruv International Journal
  • During the same trip there will be workshops and interaction with local students, professionals and policy makers
  • The presentation will occur in September of each year
  • 2 of the first 5 years must contain international awardees as a tip of the cap to his international legacy
  • The awardee will receive travel compensation of up to $7500 based on actual costs and an honorarium no more than $2500
  • Create an account within CU Foundation as this award will be held and managed within the Kempe Center
  • The site for the presentation will rotate possibly between Denver, Tulsa (this could help with fundraising efforts), maybe other sites TBD
  • The committee to review the nominees and make the annual selection will be made up of the past Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Campus, the Director for Pediatric Law, Ethics & Policy, Kempe Center and the Editor(s) of the Kempe-Haruv International Journal
  • Parameters for nominees will include but not limited to – senior/experienced work, preventative in the child abuse and neglect field and innovative
  • For more information see KEMPE website