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Student Trainings

Haruv USA believes that education on child maltreatment begins with students. Haruv USA offers various training programs for students in a variety of academic institutions throughout Oklahoma. These could be basic or advanced courses on topics related to child maltreatment, which are integrated with students’ academic curriculum and provide students with educational credits. Training programs for students could also include one time lectures, full trainings days, simulations, and workshops. These programs are open to students in all disciplines.

    • Courses and trainings in OU:

      • The series of three talks with Norman
      • Trauma informed services in early childhood – a full academic course for early education and social work students, in Norman and Tulsa campus. Begin Fall 2022.
    • Courses and trainings in NSU:

      • A workshop on the opioid epidemic and its influence on children. Held in Tahlequah NSU campus, April 22nd. Open only for students and faculty members. (flyer will be ready soon)
    • Past Trainings with Academic institutions: