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Infant Mental Health: A Developmental Foundation for Intervention with All Ages

June 1, 2021

- 29.2021

Infant Mental Health: A Developmental Foundation for Intervention with All Ages

June 1, 15 & 29 | 9-11am Central Time



While Infant Mental Health (IMH) is a specialty focus in the field of mental health, it is also foundational to our understanding of human relationships, motivation, and behavior throughout life. A firm grounding in IMH can help all of us be more effective in our interactions and interventions with people across the lifespan. Develop a working knowledge of IMH principles to enhance your ability to provide trauma Informed and responsive care to people of all ages in this 3 part small-group experience.


Stacey Leakey, PhD, IMH-E®

Dr. Leakey has worked in the field of Infant Mental Health (IMH) and child abuse prevention and treatment for the past 25 years. She is the owner and principal at O2 Consulting LLC, where she provides training in trauma-informed and evidence-based practices in infant and early childhood mental health, helping mental health systems and stakeholders apply this knowledge via regular consultation. She provides Reflective Consultation for professionals seeking Endorsement® as IMH professionals, for non-profit agency leadership, and for child welfare stakeholders. She was the Infant Mental Health Community Consultant for The Parent-Child Center of Tulsa for 6 years where she was responsible for building an infant mental health community of practice, training Child Welfare stakeholders and legal systems to apply the science of early childhood development in the courtroom, and preparing the community for IECMH interventions and practices. She is the consultant for the Tulsa County Safe Babies Court Team, the state’s first infant mental health specialty court where she supports judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and medical professionals in both their work and in recognizing the impact of their work on them personally.

Stacey served on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health (OK-AIMH) for many years and is Endorsed® as an Infant Mental Health Mentor by OK-AIMH. Dr. Leakey’s current focus is on the mitigation of secondary traumatic stress for individuals working in relationship-based interventions, and the enhancement of trauma stewardship to sustain the workforce in the helping professions, specifically through the utilization of reflective practice supports.

In order to attend to her own well-being, Stacey engages in regular mindfulness/meditation practice, yoga, floating, and dynamic group process. She has two sons, Aiden and Silas who provide a good mirror for her and keep her honest every day. She loves to garden, cook, and work at home on the family farm in rural Missouri, using these passions to refuel for her work.

Price: $20 for all 3 sessions

FREE CEUs available for social work


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